Amulet Group of Companies - full range of security services

Amulet Group of Companies - full range of security services

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Amulet Security Service

  • consulting and recommendations on protection against criminal encroachments;
  • competitive marketing;
  • financial and corporate investigation;
  • working out and developing comprehensive security concepts;
  • personal control;
  • illegal brand or corporate name use;
  • legal support during criminal and civil trials.

Amulet Info

  • enquiries about enterprises and businessmen within Russia;
  • access to the companys databases;
  • cooperation with state bodies and information companies;
  • subscription to commercial information systems;
  • supplies and maintenance of computer equipment;
  • installation and customising of local data processing networks;
  • software installation, customising and development.

Security Companies

  • personal security for businessmen and their family members;
  • fixed-site security for banks, offices, enterprises and trade facilities;
  • convoy of cargoes, valuables and cash throughout Russia;
  • security services during mass events: congresses, conferences, concerts, meetings, presentation ceremonies, etc.


  • provides cars for the holding members and customers.

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