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Amulet Group of Companies - full range of security services

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Business Intelligence magazine
2006 Issue 20

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2006 Issue 20

Business Intelligence against Criminal Acquisitions

The Conference at the XI International Forum Technologies of Security

Moderator: Vladimir Svetozarov, The Business Intelligence Magazine

Alexandre Krylov, The Amulet Group Company
Introductory Presentation

Valery Toutyhin, The John Tainer and Partners
Business Intelligence in Wars for Business

Yury Adashkevich, Special Information Service
Tracking Indications of Possible Criminal Acquisition

Michail Krasavin, Consulting Center Strategy of Defence
The Russian National Features of Protection against Criminal Acquisition

Sergey Kouznetsov, Independent Expert
The Measures to Prevent Criminal Acquisition
Aleksandre Bykovsky, Expert
Typical Features of Company-Raider

Sergey Ivanov, Amulet-Info
Information Resources for Business Intelligence against Raiding

Michail Katyshev, Russian Society of CI Professionals
Understanding the Competitive Intelligence Goals Is Coming to Russia

Sergey Pouchkov, The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Role of Chambers of Commerce in Fighting Raiders   



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