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Business Intelligence magazine
2006 Issue 20

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Deloviye Lyudi magazine, Moscow

Alexander Polyansky

Do not Be Afraid, They Are Your Security

According to statistical data, some 2,000 entities are active in the business security sphere in Russia today. They are employing an overall of about a million people.

() Law enforcement agencies also provide comprehensive security services for material aid from self-financing funds for the support of law enforcement bodies.

Resorting to both law enforcers whose services are paid by a fund and a security firm is probably the best possible comprehensive security option. Lains, Amulet, Sherif, Oskord, Argus, and others are the companies specialising in the comprehensive security sphere. ()

() The majority of business people do not normally need permanent personal security guards, insists Mr Krylov. Bodyguards are usually hired to prevent a huge damage a company can suffer if its employees ability to work, health or life are endangered. Therefore, only large security firms have personal security units. However, frequent contract killings and shootouts make entrepreneurs fear for their lives and often resort to security firms at least under certain circumstances. ()

() Stolitsa, Alex, Amulet and other companies specialise in recovering debts. They charge 15% to 40% of the debt. Criminal groups charge up to 50% for the service. However, legitimate security firms do not resort to force while recovering debts, which is important. Demonstrating channels of spreading negative information about the non-payer is usually enough to make it pay, said Mr Krylov. ()

() An utter shortage of trustworthy information on companies actual economic standing triggered the emergence of the security information support market in 1993-1994. Specialised firms and different security-related companies are active on this market. Lains, Amulet, the Inter-bank Information/Analysis Centre, Sins, the Information Centre of the Association of Vympel Veteran Commandos are prominent among the companies dealing on this market. ()

() What is known as security consulting, i.e. recommendations on how to tackle specific security problems or an interrelated set of problems, or working out a security system, forms yet another segment of the security market. Amulet specialises in this segment as well, working out security systems. ()

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