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2006 Issue 20

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Russian Bank Association Bulletin, N_32

Banking Security. Bezopasnost inter-bank information/reference system

Prompt information on lending organisations (addressing, financial, estimated and other kinds of information) is absolutely important in the banking security sphere.

Therefore, the Russian Bank Association Board adopted a decision, in 1995, to establish the Inter-bank Information/Reference System (MBISS) that was called Bezopasnost, or Security. The initiative had been put forward at the first conference on banking security. The Amulet Security Service implemented the decision and set up the system as part of the RBA.

() The documentary/factual database contains information on thousands of Russias commercial banks, both existing and already non-existent ones. These are full-text references that include bank data, information on its founders, owners, management, affiliates, etc. (a total of close to 30 items). There are also issue banks prospectuses in the database. Reference data is supplemented by regulatory legal acts, information on banks reliability, their lending and investment activities, symposia and conferences attended by the banks and their public activities. The system also contains information on licence withdrawal cases, the reforms and closures of commercial banks and the digest of 120 Russian periodic editions covering developments in the banking sector. ()

() The database is updated every six months. ()

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