Amulet Group of Companies - full range of security services

Amulet Group of Companies - full range of security services

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About Company

Amulet Security Service, is a limited liability company that was established in December 1991. The Russian Bank Association (RBA) is the initiator of establishing the company and one of its founders. 

In the beginning, Amulet was largely a research company as it studied risks and threats accompanying bank activities; inter-bank contacts and their cooperation with state bodies; state bodies attitude to commercial banks, relevant foreign expertise and many other issues. 

The small company eventually evolved into a group of companies called Amulet that comprises several entities that provide a wide range of comprehensive services in the sphere of security and competitive intelligence in any sector of the economy. 

The group is employing over 400 highly qualified experts who previously worked at security agencies, law enforcement bodies and research organisations. Seven of Amulet employees hold candidate of sciences degrees. 

The group offers qualified consulting on legal, administrative, criminological and even domestic issues. Amulet experts represent clients and conduct their cases at official bodies, courts, arbitrage courts and the International Commercial Arbitrage Court of Russias Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Amulet employees are capable of conducting the most complex research of Russian markets and companies dealing on them, and giving clients helpful pointers in a difficult situation, i.e. determining an approach to a problem and choosing means of resolving it. 

The groups four security firms ensure the effective protection of their clients from competitors and criminals encroachments. Besides, Amulet has accumulated unique experience in settling crediting and monetary disputes and removing different threats. 

Amulet maintains intensive cooperation with Interior Ministry, Federal Security Service (FSB), Prosecutor Generals Office and Financial Intelligence bodies. It organises and takes part in conferences, seminars and exhibitions. 

The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has noted many years of Amulets successful activities in the business security sphere by including the company in the Register of Russian Enterprises and Entrepreneurs whose Financial and Economic Standing Characterises Them as Reliable Partners for Doing Business in Russia and Abroad. 

Amulet Group is a member of the organising committee of the Security and Safety Technology International Forum, an annual event that is held in Moscow and overseen by government bodies.

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